With Kompyte’s Latest Web Stream feature you’ll be able to access your TimeMachine and view all the website changes Kompyte detected. 

Latest Web Stream

Latest Web Stream appears on the left side of Web Tracking and it includes all the web page updates Kompyte has detected. We recommend you sort through the updates daily, as you would an email account, and share them with team mates, highlight relevant content or tag updates you'd like to act on. 

faq: How can I filter posts?

TimeMachine appears in the center of the Web Tracking section default view is a split-screen with the previous webpage on the left and the current webpage on the right, however, you can select an isolated Before and After view if you prefer. In the Before view, content that has been removed is highlighted in red; in the After view, content that has been added appears in green

You'll also notice an area on the top left that shows which area the change was made, in the photo below this change appears in the "Visible Zone" which means the change is visible to the public but a change might also appear in a "Hidden Zone" or "User Interaction Zone" when a drop-down menu or image text is changed.

faq: How do I view web page changes tracked in the past?

Notes & Sharing 

On the right side of the Web Tracking section you'll encounter a section dedicated to sharing insights and making notes. From here you can label URLs, archive posts, view the tracked URL, instruct Kompyte to stop tracking a URL or tag team members. 

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