Kompyte’s Paid Campaign Watch displays all the AdWords your competitors are running. 

The Ads are classified in 4 types:

      Now Running an Ad | An ad has been detected for the specified keyword and the             competitor has never run an ad for this keyword in the past

      New Ad | A new ad has been detected for a keyword that a competitor was            
            previously running other ads for

      New AB Experiment | A competitor is running a new AB Experiment with multiple               ads for the same keyword

      Now Running AB Experiment | A new AB Experiment has been detected for a
           competitor that was not running an experiment on this keyword

Select any Ad to see the complete Ad including Kompyte’s proprietary Search Ad Performance Scoring - AdScore. Based on your competitors’ AB experiments and behavior, Kompyte’s proprietary Ad Score shows you which of your competitor’s ads are consistently converting potential customers.

When an ad is selected you can tap Show Details and a tabbed pop-up appears with options  to view the ad’s correlating landing page or show the ads history.  

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