The default view when you tap the Competitors icon, shown above, near the bottom left of the Kompyte platform, is the Tracked Competitors Table.

Tap any row of the table to view more details about each competitor. At the top of the page you'll see the competitor name, a colored icon, and a settings tog. Tap either the icon or the settings tog to change the icon color or company name.  

Below, you'll see 6 tabs at the top, let's go through each one

Competitor Overview
Competitor Overview displays an overview of the specified competitor's SEO, Ads and Social Media. It mirrors Kompyte's Dashboard but focuses on a single competitor. 

Competitor BenchMarks
Competitor BenchMarks displays all the BenchMarks in your account. The BenchMarks that include the specified competitor are illuminated, while the rest of your BenchMarks are greyed out. You can open the BenchMarks directly from this view. 

Competitor Notes
Competitor Notes displays all the notes regarding the specified competitor. From here you can tap on any note and view the complete details including the original update.

Webpage Settings
Webpage Settings displays all the webpage tracking settings for the specified competitor. From here you can Add URLs, view Tracked URLs and Suggested URLs.
     Add URLs
          Add additional URLs to begin tracking for the specified competitors

     Tracked URLs
           The Tracked URLs table displays all the URLs currently being tracked for the                  specified competitor. The table shows the Landing Page Title, URL and a short              meta description. You may also add Labels to the URLs from this table. Lastly,                the table presents the option to Open Timemachine which enables you to                      view all the webpage changes Kompyte has detected in our Web Tracking                    Timemachine. 

     Suggested URLS
          Kompyte's suggested URLs are additional pages Kompyte has detected for the            specified competitor. Kompyte detects all competitor URLs, hence they may be            relevant or not. Therefore, you have the option to to Add the URLs or delete                  them to tell Kompyte you're not interested in viewing this suggestion. 

Blog Settings
Blog Settings displays the blog Kompyte has detected for the specified competitor. You have the option to suggest a new blog to begin tracking or control the blog tracking from the radio button. 

Social Profile Settings
Social Profile Settings is where you'll add the social profiles for the specified competitors. Kompyte gives you the option to add a Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube or LinkedIn. Once you have added a profile for each of the above platforms, the Add Social Profile button becomes grayed out and you must delete the current social profile to add another. 

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