After logging into the Kompyte platform, hover over the Search Marketing Icon. A menu will appear where you can click directly on "Ad Timeline".

You will be directed the Ad Timeline page.

This page will show you all of you competitors' ads at a glance. The visual that occupies the top half of the page indicates every day that a competitor ran an ad. Where you see gaps in the timeline, that means that that particular competitor didn't run anything on that day.

If you click on any of the colored timelines, you will see a breakdown of every search term that they were targeting.

Click on the row that contains the search term and you'll see a specific breakdown showing the actual ads that were run on that day.

If you would like to see the full ad, and the related landing page, you can simply click on the row another time, and all of the information will populate a popup window.

With this view, you can also see the history of this particular ad by clicking on "History".

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