Instagram Tracking

Have you noticed that a major player was missing from the inbound marketing section of Kompyte? Have you been wasting time creating spreadsheets of information about changes to your competitors’ Instagram account? Well, you can delete those spreadsheets! Kompyte has got you covered.

Get a sense of your competitors’ presence on Instagram including followers, likes, and more.

Previously, Kompyte offered real time analysis of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. But, while listening to user feedback, we heard one thing loud and clear that was missing inbound marketing: you want to track Instagram. 

Who’s posting when? Who’s running contests? What content is getting the most engagement.

Now it’s at your fingertips.

With Kompyte’s new Instagram tracking, you can see followers, following, posts, engagements, and engagement rate all at a glance. You can also compare your most engaging posts with the most engaging posts of your competitors. All this allows you to gains insights about your Instagram presence and drive growth faster than ever.

Custom Saved Filters

As we were listening to user feedback, we heard that some of you wished for a way to save your filters for the tracking feature. Well, wish no longer! Now you can simply name the filter that you use the most. Whether it’s a slice of time, competitors, sections, or something else altogether, all you have to do is click “Save Filter”, name it something that you can remember, and hit enter. So the next time you come back, you just simply select your favorite filters, in a flash.

Ad Timeline

The Ad Timeline is a way to improve your ad quality by using your competitors' best copywriting and CTAs. Kompyte will visually display all of the paid ads that your competitor has run since Kompyte started tracking them. All of the paid ads, in one place, so you can be aware of their paid ad campaign strategy and analyze better than ever before.

BattleCard Usage Dashboard

With the BattleCard Usage Dashboard you can now see which competitors are causing the most objections in sales calls. This means that you'll be able to see how the BattleCards are used, and plan your pitches with even more accuracy.

Bonus: BattleCard Extension Update
We have updated the BattleCard Extension in Google Chrome and Firefox for two main improvements. Now you can receive alerts instantly and access reports easier than ever before.

With these four new features you’ll be able to see a clearer view of the competitive landscape, and save even more time in the process.

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