The Ad Timeline is a way to improve your ad quality by using your competitors' best copywriting and CTAs. Kompyte will visually display all of the paid ads that your competitor has run since Kompyte started tracking them. All of the paid ads, in one place, so you can be aware of their paid ad campaign strategy and analyze better than ever before.

It's a highly visual coverage of all the paid ads that your competitors have run since Kompyte started tracking them. In the Search Marketing tool, select the Ad Timeline feature. Here you'll see a visual display in the top third of the page that shows when the ads started and stopped being detected.

You'll find the companies listed on the left, a timeline across the top, and color bars showing when an ad was detected for that company. 

All ad campaigns are aggregated into a single bar; but if you click on the company name, you'll see the separate ads and the specific keyword(s) that they were targeting for.

For a step-by-step guide to accessing the Ad Timeline, visit our guide Step-By-Step: Ad Timeline.

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