Now, in the Search marketing tool, you can organize your search terms even faster, and get the information that you really want to find out. 

Let’s say that you are targeting a list of keywords for multiple campaigns, multiple countries, and multiple languages; you want to expand your reach in the Canadian market, in English, by focusing on a list of 5 keywords.

Previously, in the Kompyte platform, you needed to filter by one parameter and then go back and manually sort for what subcategories you needed.

The new feature allows you to create additive sorting to your filtering efforts.

Simply select the filter – Country, Label, Organic Search Domains, Paid Search Domains, Your Rank – and then organize the results by sorting alphabetically (by Keyword), numerically (by Your Rank, SEO, Ads, and Results) and/or chronologically (by 1st detected SEO, 1st detected Ads, and Added).

Quickly granulate the data that you need so you can put it to work.

December 18 update:

Now your can add as many filters as you need, sort by as many columns as you want and set how to prioritise your sort.

On top of that, now you can save any keywords / companies view including filters, sorts and text search to access them afterwards with just 2 clicks.

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