Kompyte allows your team to easily create, schedule, share and download comprehensive reports on your competitor's intelligence, landscape, marketing performance and additional intel gathered from Kompyte or other third party tools.

Run reports from our vast template gallery or easily build ad hoc reports from scratch.

Once created, use the top bar menu to:

  • Schedule: receive an updated version of your report every Monday in your inbox (or through Slack each morning :) )
  • Open: use it for your presentations.
  • Share: to share it through any integration.
  • Download: to get a PDF version of your report.
  • History: access every PDF version of your report.

The left side tool box to:

  • Add tables, charts, free text, data blocks, insights or traits.
  • Add previously saved resources from the Library.
  • Manage the report layout to manage pages and sections.
  • Edit the report settings: text size, orientation, branded reports and more.

And the Report viewer to:

  • Move, Duplicate, remove, ... any report.
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