Navigate to your company logo on the far right corner. Hover over and select Settings from the picklist:


Kompyte includes a default Company team. To add a new team:

  1. Click on Teams from the left menu


2. Click on the Create a Team button, enter the name of your new team and Click Add.


3. From the view, you can also right-click next to Members, select the users you wish to add to the team and click Apply.


To add or invite a new user:

Click on Teammates from the left menu

Click on the Invite button

Write or paste the emails of the users you would like to grant access to

Select their access rights (described below)

Select which team they belong to

Click on the Add button

Once done, new users will receive an email inviting them to join Kompyte.

To modify a user:

Click on the arrow next to the user’s Access Rights

Select the new access right and click Apply

If you need to remove a user, click on the Trash icon on the right side. You will be prompted to confirm this change.

Description of User Access Rights:

  • Collaborator:  Allows anyone in your company with the Chrome/Firefox extension to send insights from all over the web into the platform, but does not allow access to the platform itself.  Your account includes an unlimited number of Collaborators.  
  • Sales: Allows targeted access to only the BenchMarks feature. This includes Battle Cards, Reports & Chrome/Firefox extensions.
  • Viewer: Includes all Sales features plus access to view all data in the platform. Viewers cannot change platform configurations such as remove or add a tracked website, competitor etc. They can comment, tag and share updates.
  • User: Enjoys all the Viewer features plus the ability to make platform configuration changes including adding or removing competitors, keywords, URLs, social accounts or blogs and Battle Card creation.
  • Admin: Manages the full scope of your team's Kompyte account. Includes all User features plus the ability to add or remove users, and manage billing data. 




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