Kompyte empowers you with the ability to track your competitors’ digital footprints in real-time from a variety of different sources: 

  • Web tracking
  • Social tracking
  • RSS feed tracking
  • Mention tracking
  • Product review tracking
  • Company review tracking
  • Job posting tracking
  • Press release tracking

In this article, you’ll learn which types of intel can be gathered and how to get the intel you need from each source.

Important note: Initial setup and account optimization are both services included in all paid partner subscriptions. To submit an account optimization request, please contact your dedicated success manager. All account Admin users have the ability to reconfigure their accounts. To refine setup independently, go to the settings section and choose a competitor profile.

Webpage Tracking

Set competitor URLs to track to automate hours of manual website research. Once tracked, you’ll receive updates in your Collect Feed any time they make a change: 

For every webpage change, you’ll receive a before and after visualization and have the ability to compare different change dates. If publicly available on their website, a wide variety of intel can be gained with webpage tracking, including: 

  • Product and feature updates
  • New services or business verticals
  • Pricing changes
  • Messaging and claims 
  • Positioning and targeting intel
  • Promotions and campaigns
  • Thought leadership and events 

The standard frequency of webpage tracking is once daily. To change the tracking frequency in your account, please contact your Kompyte Success Manager.

If you’d like to receive automated alerts or configure an action workflow for any updates in you Collect feed, see the automation section within your platform.

Social Network tracking

Track all content posted by your competitors across the top social networks - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

As with all updates, new social posts will appear as an insight in your Collect Feed:

RSS feed tracking: 

Receive an update any time your competitors post on an RSS feed. RSS feeds typically feature Blog thought leadership content, dedicated press/news feeds or developer feeds. 

Mention tracking/ Listening:

Set competitor and keyword-based listening alerts across Google News and Twitter. Listening allows you to pinpoint important conversations about your competitors and key topics across news outlets, partner sites, and social media. Manage your Listening Alerts here.

Review tracking: 

Receive an update anytime a review is posted about your competitor or their products. Sort reviews by rating to get insider information from clients of your competitors as well as their staff:

  • Company reviews: Glassdoor
  • Product Reviews: Capterra, G2.com, TrustRadius
  • Mobile App Reviews: Google Play, App Store

Job posting tracking: 

Track the growth of your competitors’ teams by monitoring their most recent job postings on Glassdoor and LinkedIn:

Press Release tracking: 

Get an update every time PRNewswire posts a press release about your competitors. 

Other types of press release tracking:

  • If your competitors have a dedicated Press or News RSS, see RSS feed tracking above.
  • If your competitors have a dedicated Press or News webpage feed (and no RSS), see Webpage tracking above

App store tracking

Stay up to date on new app versions and releases with Google Play and Apple App Store tracking:

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