With Kompyte’s unified insight feed, the Collect feed, you can filter competitive intel from multiple data sources in a number of different ways including by:

  • Company - Specify competitors or groups of competitors 
  • Source: Kompyte datasources
  • Semantics: Categories automatically assigned to an insight using Kompyte AI
  • Date - Date insight was detected
  • Tag - Category of insight. Tags can be manually added or automatically added using Automated Workflows
  • Status: Insight status including curated or archived

The Saved Filter feature allows you to easily create custom feeds for insights that matter to you - helping you to proactively get the intel you need, quicker.

Saved filters and Automation can be used together to create Real-time alerts, internal communications and automated platform actions.

Creating a Saved Filter 

Simply select the filters on the right side that you want to include using the arrows and switch.

Click on Save Filter.

Then write a name for the filter and click Done.

Saved filters will be added to the left side column for easy access.

From this list, select the saved filter that you want, and it will sort the results in a flash. 

Users can readjust filters and update the saved view or create a new saved view altogether.

If you have made changes to a saved filter, you will see a prompt to Update the saved filter or to Create a new one

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