Kompyte’s consolidated insight stream, the Collect Feed, combines AI and machine learning to identify actionable competitive Intelligence. 

The Story 

If you're here, you know that staying on top of the marketplace is essential to gain a competitive edge, and a pillar for competitive analysis is website research. You probably also know, manual web tracking is tedious, time consuming (on average 120 hours+ for 25 competitors), and quickly becomes out dated. 😫

This is why web tracking technology was developed. While this new automated solution did solve the initial problem of manual research, it presented new problems of its own - too much data and a wave of irrelevant data. 🌊😱

This is what drove the Kompyte team to innovate!

5 years, mountains of client feedback, and billions of datapoints later KAI was born - one lean mean noise filtering machine.

How does KAI work? 

At a glance: Kompyte Artificial Intelligence, fittingly named KAI, applied to web tracking automatically 

  1. identifies the specific web zone that changed in a web update
  2. separates the AB test updates, and 
  3. removes non-relevant updates - all so you don’t need. 

How does AI help me?

KAI first filters out noise, saving Kompyters hundreds of hours and empowering them with bandwidth. We've also developed Semantic filtering to save our partners more time, and identify the insights that matters to them:

  1. First the relevant update is detected using KAI
  2. Then it is assigned a Title and Description using proprietary Kompyte Artificial intelligence.
  3. Then it is categorized using semantic filtering
  4. Finally it is placed in your Collect feed for filtering. 

This automated process refined by AI drastically minimizes the time previously required to conduct manual research and organize the intel. 

Because these steps are completed by technology, not a human, Managers now have the bandwidth to track large set of companies, while focusing on strategy.

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