Kompyte allows your team to easily create, schedule, share and download comprehensive reports on your competitor's intelligence, landscape, marketing performance and additional intel gathered from Kompyte or other third-party tools using the extension. Run reports from our vast template gallery or easily build custom ad hoc reports from scratch.

To create a report, navigate to Reports

Here you will see a dashboard view of your team’s created reports.

To create a new report, click on the Create a Report button on the right side

From here you can select from an array of reporting templates grouped by category including Company Overview, Product Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Platform Usage.

Select the desired report template

Below is a LinkedIn Benchmark

To manage competitors included in the report, click on  Manage Companies on the left side, select the desired companies you wish to include and click Apply.

Reports default to the last 30 days. To adjust the time frame, click on the arrow next to the date range on the right side. 

From here select the desired date range.

To modify the report, select Edit Layout

This will open the report template in edit mode as shown below.

Click Edit box style to add a Dark Style or Lined Style Outline then click Apply

Click Edit Layout to structure the number of columns that are displayed, click Apply and Done.

By hovering over a specific report section, you will have options to Edit, Move or Remove the section.

When editing the section, you will be able to edit the select from a variety of searchable metrics as shown below. Select the desired metric and click Done.

To move a report section, click the Move button.

Select a section and click the desired area and click Move Here.

Click on Toggle Sections to display specific Benchmarks, or dedicated competitor sections and click Done.

Once all changes are complete, click Done



With your report now complete, use the top bar menu to Download a PDF version of your report.


Alternatively, you can click on the 3 circles for more options including:


  • Share: to share it through any integration.
  • Schedule: Customize a reporting cadence to receive an updated version of your report every Monday in your inbox (or through Slack each morning :) )
  • History: access every PDF version of your report.
  • Duplicate: To create a duplicate version.
  • Delete: To delete the report altogether.


Home Reports

Star a report from the main report Dashboard view by clicking on the 3 circles to the right of the Create Date column.


Select Send to Home to add the report to the Dashboard View for quick access upon logging in.




The home screen includes a picklist of starred reports you can select from for easy access as shown below.




The left side tool box to:

  • Add tables, charts, free text, data blocks, insights or traits.
  • Add previously saved resources from the Library.
  • Manage the report layout to manage pages and sections.
  • Edit the report settings: text size, orientation, branded reports and more.
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