By default, Kompyte tracks the main web pages of your competitor's website (e.g. home page, pricing, policy etc.) and will label each page automatically. However, it may take up to 24 hours for Kompyte to detect and begin tracking the competitor’s main web pages. 

You may wait until this process is complete and then review/modify the web pages being tracked (we suggest always tracking web pages related to product offerings, resources and corporate). Alternatively, you can begin adding web pages to be tracked sooner. 

To add/remove tracked web pages for any competitor:

  1. Navigate to the Companies section here.
  2. Select the Competitor you want to add/remove web pages for.
  3. Navigate to the Settings tab.
  4. Navigate to Web Pages

5. Open the Competitor Website
6. Open all of the relevant URLs in a new tab
7. Copy all the relevant URLs using the extension
8. Click the Add URLs button to the right to add more pages. 

From here you can also delete any web pages you don't want to track by tapping the trash icon (once you remove a web page Kompyte will stop tracking it, so you will no longer receive new alerts when your competitor changes this web page).

Kompyte provides a webpages detector including your competitors' Organic ranked webpages and Paid Ads landing pages. Click on the Suggested URLs to see and add them.
(only available when Search Marketing package is activated)

Note: Once you remove a webpage Kompyte will stop tracking it, so you won't receive new alerts when your competitor changes this webpage.

Pro Tips: 

Download Copy All URLs extension to copy all of the relevant URLs to your clipboard.

We do encourage you to set the following web pages to be tracked:


  • Product pages 
  • Solution pages 
  • Features pages
  • Pricing/packing pages 


  • About 
  • Investor relations 
  • Press & News 
  • M&As
  • Sec filings (other reports)
  • Events 
  • Industries


  • Press & News 
  • Webinars 
  • Whitepages 
  • Case studies 
  • Datasheets
  • Other Resource pages (Ebooks- templates- Academy )

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