Best Practice 1

Refine your tracked list of competitors based on your goals. Here are a few example goals and advice for which competitors you should track:

Goal: Battle Cards
Track: The companies your reps face most often during the sales process. 

Goal: Improve product messaging and positioning
Track: Direct product competitors 

Goal: Improve Google AdWord CTR
Track: Competitors running ads on your keywords

Best Practice 2

Automate your competitor research and get the insights that matter most to you by hyper-targeting your account tracking: 

Web tracking:
Outline the insights you want to receive then track the webpages that produce those insights (i.e. Pricing updates > track the pricing page)  

  1. Refine your list of tracked web pages 
  2. Create different web tracking feeds using labeling

Search Marketing: 

  1. Customize your tracked list of keywords.
  2. Track your competitor's SEO and PPC landing pages.

Inbound Marketing 

  1. Adding social channels and Blog RSS feeds

Best Practice 3

Get your team involved! Leverage your trial user accesses to get feedback from stakeholders and decision makers. 

Here are some examples of how Kompyte's most successful clients leverage the platform to drive value across their organizations.

 Use Cases

Platform/ Web Tracking Hub
-Optimize Website Conversion Rates
-Improve SEO Rankings through Content
-Improve Product Messaging & Positioning
-Automate Competitor Research & Reporting

Search Marketing Hub
-Counter Competitor Promotions (through real time alerts)
-Improve Search Ad Quality
-Complete Keyword Discovery
-Track and Improve SEO Ranks
-Improve Ad CTR and Lead Generation

Inbound Marketing Hub
-Improve Content Quality & Engagement Rates
-Optimize Editorial Calendars
-Counter Competitor Promotions
-Spot New Industry Trends

Sales Enablement Hub
-Arm your Sales Team with the information they need to stop losing deals to competitors
-Create detailed knowledge boards for the entire org to stay in touch with industry developments

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