• Setup
  • Competitor detector, keyword detector
  • Company overview


Welcome to your third Kompyte Academy! So far we’ve covered some of the basics of Kompyte, we’ve set you up and started tracking, and we’ve shown you how to harness our great features to start leveraging some serious insights on the competition.


In this Academy we’re going to return our focus to the Companies and Keywords sections and show you how to track your competitors like a true pro.


Before we dive into some of our features, let’s check that everything’s in order with your tracking. 


Go to the Companies section and have a look at the coloured circles. Are any of them still blank? Do you need to add any URLs? Take a second now to complete this section.

Once you’re happy that everything is in order, click a company to go into their profile and go to the Webpage Settings tab. 


Here you can see all the URLs that Kompyte is tracking for this company. We don’t track every single page as some websites have hundreds of sections, so we track the essential pages by default (homepage, pricing, policy etc.), and if you want to track any more sections, this is where you can edit and add URLs.

The Blog Settings and Social Profile Settings tabs are similar sections where you can edit and add any specific URLs for blogs and social media that you’d like to track.


All done? Great. Now let’s look at a brand new feature - Company Overview.

Competitor Overview
The final section here is the Competitor Notes tab.

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