Have you ever wondered how to organize all the competitive insights you gather? Now you can, with Kompyte Battle Cards.

The most dominating businesses around the globe have manually created and leveraged Battle Cards for decades. Now you have exclusive tools to build, update and use your own set of Battle Cards for product marketing and sales. Let's get started.

Click the Battle Cards icon in the main menu. You have a couple of set options to get you started, or choose 'Create a new Battle Card' to start from scratch. Give your Battle Card a title and description, and it'll populate in the Battle Cards list. 

Click 'Open' on the Battle Card and add the competitors you want to focus on. Now define the 'traits' of the Battle Card that you'll use to differentiate yourself from your competitors. This could be pricing, product features, service, kill points, or any other info you want to include. You choose how the answers for each trait display, whether that's numbers, text, dates, attachments (you can upload your own files to Kompyte Battle Cards), Yes/No answers, and more.

Now your Battle Card is filled out with competitive intel, it's time to arm your sales team with it. This is where it gets awesome - thanks to our free Chrome extension, you don't need to be using Kompyte to give your team instant access to the Battle Card data. Click the extension to open it up and choose the competitor you need insights on, whether you're in a call, a meeting, or on the go (it works on mobile!). Simple.

Using the extension, your sales team can instantly provide feedback to the marketing team about how to refine, update and improve your Battle Cards.

Click the speech bubble icon on the top-right of the extension and drop a line to your teammates. Whether it’s adding extra intel or optimizing the layout and presentation of the Battle Card, your teams are in constant contact to harness competitive intelligence to close more deals.

Battle Cards is a powerful tool for your competitive intelligence arsenal. Arm your sales team to win more deals and automate competitor profiling now. 

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