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Welcome back to the Insights Academy. Previously we looked at the Web updates section of Kompyte. Now let’s jump into the Ads section. 

The ads feed is listed in chronological order and, like the Web updates, you can see the competitor and the type of activity (e.g. New Ad, Running AB Test), plus a mini view of the ad. Filter your ad inbox in a similar way to your web updates to get the results you need, fast.

Click on an ad update to open it up. You can see more details of the ad(s), how it’s listed in a Google search result, and the keywords that it shows up for. Similar to the web updates, make notes on the ad in the notes column to the right, #tag things and @mention your team.


*Tip* Check out the Ad Score metric to the right. The score is based on how long an Ad has been running, and how many times it has beaten other ads in AB tests or AB experiments. You can see when the ad was first detected and last detected - an ad with a high score will have been around for longer, indicating that it’s consistently converting for your competitor. What do you think makes this ad so effective for your competitors?


Next, click the ‘Show Details’ button to open up the ad - here’s where things get interesting.


You can see the landing page that the ad links to, and track that page by clicking the ‘Start tracking landing page’ button. If you're already tracking it, this button will say 'Open Timemachine' which takes you to the web updates screen.

Now click the History tab. Here you’ll see a list of all the ads your competitor has run with this particular keyword. You’ll see which ads haven’t lasted long (low ad scores) and which ads have come out on top (high ad scores). It's like cheating on a test and seeing which ads failed and which ads passed!

Cool, huh? What do you think makes these top ads beat others over and over in AB Tests and Experiments? What can you learn from them to use to your advantage?

That's everything on this section for now. In the next academy, we'll show you how to get what you need from the Blog and Social sections.

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