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Welcome to part three of the Insight Academy. So far we've looked at Web and Ads updates. Let's keep going - time for the Blog and Social tabs.

Click the Blog tab. As before, your inbox can be filtered, and can also be sorted chronologically, by engagement, and by Impact. Here we introduce two new metrics: engagement, and our unique Kompyte metric, the Impact Score.

In a nutshell, engagement is the amount of likes, retweets, shares etc. that a post receives, and Impact is how much better a post performs compared to the average post. We’ll come back to these awesome metrics in our next academy.

Open a blog update with a high engagement or Impact Score to open it up. You'll see it listed in the central window with its title, subtitle, URL, engagement stats and Impact Score. What makes this blog so good? What can you learn from it? As always, take some notes, #tag anything important and @mention your teammates.

Now let's move to the Social tab. Like the Blog tab, you can filter your results and sort them chronologically, by engagement and by Impact. Open up a high engagement or high Impact post. Like the Blog section, you'll see the image and body of the post, the URL, engagement stats and Impact Score. What do you think makes this such good social media content? Take notes, #tag and @mention.

*Tip* When it comes to social media, an Impact Score above 5x typically means the post has been promoted.

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