At Kompyte, we’re always working hard to ensure you have the best user experience. Therefore, we’re constantly making improvements based on your feedback. Today, we're excited to announce our new user interface, developed in response to your insight, to make Kompyte more efficient to navigate. 

Our redesigned interface presents our valuable insights with streamlined navigation; you’ll notice the insights are organized in a more sensible way. Now, Kompyte is split into these relevant areas; Web Tracking, Search Marketing and Inbound Marketing. Let’s go through them.

Web Updates. We’ve renamed it, Latest Web Stream, to reflect the fact that now, you’ll find all changes to your competitor’s websites.

Next, we’ve compiled everything related to Search Marketing in one area. The new, Search Marketing section is comprised of Organic and Paid Campaign Analysis, as well as Paid Campaign Watch and all the Keywords you’re tracking. You’ll recognize these as areas of Kompyte, former known as SEO & Ads Benchmark, as well as, Ads Updates respectively, that used to be scattered throughout the platform. 

Like the Search Marketing section, we’ve also consolidated everything related to Blog and Social Media tracking into a new, Inbound Marketing section. Here you’ll find Blog and Social updates under Blog Watch & Social Watch, as well as, an individual Analysis of each Social Media channels.  

Lastly, we’ve renamed the Battle Cards feature, now called BenchMarks, the feature is found under the same icon. This name is more consistent with the feedback we’ve heard about how you’re using BenchMarks - to sort, compare and analyze your company's data across multiple business units. 

These new enhancements have been implemented for all Kompyte users. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback. We’re always ready to answer your questions or update our product roadmap with your suggestions, so, let us know if you have any ideas for future updates. 

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